Activities & Adventures

Look for adventure and adventures around Trelawny Resort? Here are several places to visit within a couple of hours of the resort.

Trelawny Resort jet skiers hitting the water

There are plenty of activities and adventures to takin at Trelawny Resort. On our sugar sand beach, you can play tetherball and volleyball or watch the kids play on the beach-side swing-set. Wade out to the sand bars through the clean, clear, refreshing water of Thunder Bay, or just sit with a cold drink and book from our free lending library.

At night, enjoy a campfire on the beach where you can stargaze, roast marshmallows, and tell tall tales.

If you have your own sailboat, canoe, or powerboat, bring it along to Trelawny Resort and use it on the clean, clear water of Thunder Bay. There is good fishing with a boat launch ramp nearby.

If you have to pull yourself away from the beach for a few hours, here is a list of some of our favorite activities in the area. Make sure to click the photos for links to the various activities.

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Local to Trelawny Resort:​

Within a 1 hour drive of Trelawny Resort:

Within a 2 hour drive of Trelawny Resort:

Within a 3 hour drive of Trelawny Resort:

Taking a day off from the beach? Check out these locations, a 3+ hour drive (a full day’s trip but worth it).